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Note: If you do many searches or want more results per page, then use your own API key. You will also need a Custom Search Engine ID if you make your API key restricted. To get these, use the Google API Form; for an example, see How-to Video. For Bing, you just need the API Key, see Bing Key How-to.

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What difference does it make?

Tired of the same old textual search snippets? The Search-Difference Engine (aka Visual "Diff" Search) provides a new way of presenting search results via images and differentiating terms, with titles included as well. This format makes it much easier for you to scan the search results to find items of interest compared to traditional search snippets. For more details of a particular item, just hover the mouse over the info icon for that cell (visible when mouse is over the cell). For an illustration, see the popup snippet in the bottom right corner of the example results in the following Help section.


Enter the search query using keywords just as you would for Google, and then click search or press the enter key. (You can also use special operators, such as 'keyword' and 'site:name'.) The result will be in a tabular format, as in the example below, where each image serves as a convenient handle for moving, resizing, etc. Click the info icon in upper left corner to see the traditional search snippet. The popup snippet will change when a different cell is hovered over, and it will go away after a few seconds when the mouse is moved away from the cell. Click the pin icon to keep the snippet always visible.

Each cell can be resized, moved or deleted independent of the others. To resize, click-and-drag from the lower righthand corner. To move, click-and-drag from the image. To delete, click the x icon in the upper righthand corner. The following example is the result of such cell modifications; it also illustrates how hovering works.

night owl visual search example (after editing)

By the way, there's an esoteric option to use to avoid getting flagged by bot filters.

The fine print

note: This is a beta release that only supports a limited number of searches, due to the cost of search calls and to the computing infrastructure. Using your own API key will allow for more searches: this is specified in the advanced options section above.

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